Legacy Services, LLC

Senior Counseling & Care Management

How it Works:

Legacy Services provides consultation to families who need additional support and guidance in providing optimal care for their aging parents.  The consultation services provided are unique to each family that we work with.  Some families require one appointment to develop a list of resources and strategies to manage the stressors that the are encountering.  Other families are comforted in having on-going counseling and care management services from Legacy.

To contact us:


National Association of

Professional Geriatric Care Managers

1724 Silvergate Road

Fort Collins, Colorado 80526

Legacy Services, LLC is available to guide families as they encounter new or different challenges in the care giving process.  The level of involvement by Legacy Services is determined by each unique family and can change as the situation evolves.

Phone: (970) 488-1275

Fax: (866) 324-4358