Legacy Services, LLC

Senior Counseling & Care Management


Legacy Services, LLC is an independent, professional, certified care management organization created to provide older adults and their families peace of mind, support and guidance needed to optimize care for an aging loved one.

What we do:

To contact us:

Phone: (970) 488-1275

Fax: (866) 324-4358


· Assist families in finding balance between caring for their aging parents and tending to their own personal live

· Facilitating communication amongst family members in times of stress and change

· Provide advocacy and education for families as they learn about new medical conditions.

· Research and explore creative options to meet families’ needs

· Collaborate with medical professionals to ensure that an older person’s concerns are accurately communicated and addressed while providing feedback to physicians on the success of measures taken to improve a person’s condition

· Offer “peace of mind” visits for families who live far away from their aging parents

· Provide in-home counseling and support to seniors so that they can gain insight and understanding during this developmental stage of their live.


National Association of

Professional Geriatric Care Managers

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Fort Collins, Colorado 80526